In the beginning we started operating under the name Visit Ventures before we decided our product name, We were trying to build a travel guide that provides useful content and realistic reviews to travelers to avoid the regulations and the need for extra license to operate a travel agency.

In Egypt we could not sell travel packages or make a partnership with suppliers or hotels since they all require a Ministry of Tourism license, and this license is not available, they no longer give new licenses to anyone even if the solution they built is innovative, it's simply did not work.

We were forced to either not to operate or obtain a license from another country and we registered our company Visit Guide in London, United Kingdom to be able to deal with suppliers using it's license.

Later on we managed to become an official trade mark in the United Kingdom.

During the year 2020, Our team grow to 44 team members and we managed to develop our own booking engine software during the panademic but we faced resterictions by the Egyptian hotels who did not want to work with a new booking engine or local startup and they prefered the big old Expedia and Booking.

After a couple of months we signed a partnership with Ostrovok, HotelBeds, AccorHotels and Expedia EPS to gain access to their inventory and we started sending our clients to the same hotels who refused working with us, now they are working with us through thirdparty partners who charges them extra commission.

Hotels eventually decided to work directly with us and our inventory grow to more than 500,000 properties including hotels and vacation rentals.

In 2021, We signed a partnership with Google Travel after 6 months of ongoing conversation to convince them that a young startup like ours deserves to join the Google Travel like Booking.com and Expedia.com.

We gained support of many indivduals and we are very thankful to them, without them we couldnt have reach this far.