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Blue Hole, Abu Gallum, and Blue Lagoon 3 in 1 Trip With Ghazala Dahab

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Why travel outside Egypt when you have an amazing Gem right in the corner. Enjoy an amazing time with many magical moments.

Egypt is a precious treasure with all the tourist and entertaining places, where tourists from all over the world seek to visit.

Dahab is especially one of the best places to visit in Egypt as it has an amazing location and many diverse activities available on the land and the sea.

Blue Hole trip, Abu Gallom and Blue Lagoon 3*1

Visit Guide offers for its readers a unique experience and full of magical views, A VIB Trip for 3 of the most famous touristic places, not only in Egypt but in the middle east as well:

  • Blue Hole
  • The day begins with moving from the residence to the blue hole, a deep-diving area in Dahab.
  • Snorkeling tools are received and taken to the refreshing waters of the Red Sea where you will enjoy your time with your loved ones and comrades for an estimated time of an hour and a half.
  • Then, you will take a Speed Boat set off in refreshing waters for an estimated 25 minutes to the Abu Jalom area, the second place of our VIP program.
  • Abu Jalom
  • The Abu Jalom area is reached by the Speed Boat, and the region is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Egypt, enjoy a striking diversity of coral colonies spread over the region.
  • Snorkeling tools are received before reaching the area and you can enjoy swimming and free diving in the Abu Jalom area for about an hour and a half.
  • After the completion of the snorkeling in Abu Jalom it is prepared to move to the third and final stage of the tour program.
  • Blue Lagoon
  • A car rides from Abu Jalom to the Blue Lagoon, also known as the Maldives of Egypt.
  • You can enjoy your time in Blue Lagoon where clear water and the pleasant sandy beach are awaiting you for about two hours.
  • After that, the boat goes back to the blue hole area.
  • Lunch in the blue hole area.

And that is where the Blue Hole, Abu Jalom and Blue lagoon 3*1 tour program ends and you go back to the hotel safe and sound.

Ticket Contents

Speed boat
Snorkeling equipments