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Crocodile And Snake Show Sharm El Sheikh

2 Hour From 190 EGP / Person
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If you're a lover of adventure and wild life, watching the crocodile and snake show in Sharm El Sheikh is a must for you! You'll hold your breath when you see some of the funniest yet most dangerous tricks performed by the tamers of these wild animals.

Trip program

  • You'll be picked up from your hotel at 3:30 pm to start your trip that is combined of 3 different parts.

Part one (Museum of living snakes)

You'll have a 20 minute guided tour at the living snakes museum where you'll watch 25 species of different reptiles like (poisonous and non poisonous snakes, giant lizards, turtles and chameleons).

Part two (Snake show)

A professional tamer will perform a 30 minute live show with some of the most dangerous poisonous Cobra snakes.

Part three (Crocodile show)

For the first time in Africa and the Middle East, you'll get to watch a 40 minute distinguished performance with 10 strong wild crocodiles. Under the guidance of 2 tamers in the middle of the pool you'll get to watch the crocodile playing games and performing funny and dangerous tricks.

  • The show ends at 5 pm, we'll drive you back to your hotel.

Ticked includes

  • Transportation.
  • Tour Guide.
  • Entrance ticket.
  • Snakes show.
  • Crocodiles show.

Ticket Contents

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Tour Guide