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Excursion beyond the Aswan Dam with Visit Guide

Not Available 4 Day From $8,000 USD / Person
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Get a special trip beyond the dam with distinctive shrines that are almost the first of their kind in Aswan. Get the chance to visit new places that many don't know it exists.

The journey will begin on 25 March 2021 from the Aswan train station.

Trip program:

The trip is for four days by different shrines:

Day one:

Arriving at Aswan Station in the morning, moving to Kalabsha Dock, then get on the Nubian yacht, sailing to Kalabsha area, visiting Kalabsha area for about two hours, then sailing until sunset and sleepover.

Kalabsha Area:

  • Temple of the Sun God Mendulis
  • Temple of beit Wali
  • Jarraf Hussain Temple
  • koshk qortas

Day Two:

Sailing to the Seboo valley, and visiting dormitory in the Maliki or Wadi al-Arabiy area, an area surrounded by sand dunes.

Wadi Sebou visiting area’s:

  • Sebou valley temple
  • Deka valley
  • The Holocaust temple

Day Three:

Sailing to Amada area and visit the place then sailing to Qasr Ibrim and then sailing to the sun set in Tushka.

The Amada Area

  • The Temple of Amada
  • Dar temple
  • Bonot temple

Day 4:

Visiting Abu Simple temple and moving to the train station in Aswan to get back to Cairo or any place.


  • Accommodation is all-inclusive and begins with the meal and ends with the meal. It also includes welcome drinks and transfers except for travel to and from Aswan.
  • It's for only 18 people, so places are limited.
  • The journey for individuals over 10 years
  • You can stay in bilateral or triangular rooms with separate outdoor bathrooms (ladies/men)


Ticket Contents

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