Le Pacha Resort - Enjoy a special stay in 4-star hotels.

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Sunday, 14 June, 2020 12:00 pm

Enjoy a unique lifestyle during the holidays at Le Pacha Resort.

فندق الباشا ريزورت اكوا بارك الغردقة – تمتع بالرفاهية وحياة الباشا بأقل تكلفة

Le Pacha Resort your stay in Hurghada will never be the same, during your stay at the hotel you will enjoy all the benefits that a king may have, and the hotel is very keen to provide as much luxury as possible.

Le Pacha Resort Aqua Park

One of the benefits you get at the Le Pacha Resort is the special prices visit guide has got you to spend more money on other things than getting a bed.

Le Pacha Resort is an optimal choice for your next visit to Hurghada, as it allows you a number of distinct activities outside the hotel, as well as provides a number of interiors and facilities.

Le Pacha

The hotel's facilities are distinctive, giving special pleasure to your stay and having fun activities. one of the most distinctive facilities at the hotel is the Aqua Park, which is appropriate for all age groups.
The hotel has a number of other facilities, such as:

  • Private beach.
  • Bar on the beach.
  • An indoor pool.
  • Bar on the pool.
  • Physical fitness gym.
  • Conference room.
  • Spa.
  • A restaurant.
  • Nightclub.
  • Wi-Fi.

Le Pacha Resort Hurghada Rooms

Le pacha view

Hotel rooms also have facilities and special possibilities for comfortable accommodation, such as:

  • TV and satellite channels.
  • Bathroom.
  • Safe.
  • Office.
  • Phone.
  • Wi - Fi's inside the room.

Child-friendly services at the hotel

  • Children's playground.
  • A children's club.
  • Babysitting.

Different activities in Hurghada

Le Pacha Resort Booking

Le Pacha Sea

For any inquiries and for the reservation you can give us a call at 01122800877

Le Pacha Resort Aqua Park Reviews 

The Hotel is known for the neutral views, which most visitors agreed had between features.

One of the most popular features on which visitors to the Le Pasha Hotel is the distinctive location of the Hotel directly facing the beach and its private beach.
Visitors also agreed on the distinctive service, friendly staff, and highly efficient hotel services.
Visitors also commented on the cleanliness of the rooms as acceptable, but they needed more detailed attention and attention.

Le Pacha Hotel Hurghada Location

The hotel is located on Sheraton Street, Hurghada

The hotel is surrounded by a number of facilities you can enjoy during your stay at the hotel as it is located in Hurghada, where the distinctive shopping area is, and is only minutes away from the airport and port of Hurghada and 30 minutes from the Giftun Island.

Activities at Le Pacha Hotel

During your stay at the hotel, you can enjoy a number of activities that the hotel insure it will bring pleasure to your stay, such as:

  • Aqua Park.
  • Diving center.
  • banana boat.
  • Surfing.
  • Water skiing.
  • The glass boat.
  • Fishing trips.

Le Pacha Hotel

The hotel features its distinctive rooms and its variety for all families.
The hotel also has its green space and water space between the swimming pool and Aqua Park and the beach.
The hotel features a distinctive design and character facade in each room.

Prices of Le Basha Resort

Visit Guide offers exclusive and premium prices with a night price of 1025 LE for the double room, including breakfast, lunch, drinks dinner, and snacks.

For inquires and reservations you can give us a call at 01122800877.


نعم، يوجد حمام سباح وملاهي أكوابارك.

نعم، يسمح باصطحاب الحيوانات في الفندق.

نعم، يوجد مطعم في الفندق.

نعم، يوفر الفندق مركز رياضي ويوفر إمكانات عدد من الأنشطة الرياضية الأخرى.

نعم، توجد غرف عائلية مختلفة لتسمح بأعداد العائلات المختلفة.

نعم، يوجد حمام سباحة ساخن.

يوفر الفندق غرفًا خاصة لغير المدخنين.

نعم يقدم الفندق خدمة تنظيف الغرف يوميًا.

نعم، يوجد نادي وأكوابارك خاصة بالأطفال وتتوفر خدمة مجالسة الأطفال.

نعم، تقريبا اكثر الفنادق في الغردقة يوجد بها مواقف للسيارات وان لم يتوفر بداخلها يقوم الفندق بتوفير اماكن خارجه للسيارات.