Manial Cafes and Restaurants

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Saturday, 13 February, 2021 2:31 am

Manial Cafes – the best cafes for the most amazing outings

Manial Cafes

Are you looking for a quiet place to enjoy your time? Unique Nile views with Manial Cafes

Nile Lounge Cafes El Manial

A distinctive view of the Nile, as there are the finest cafes in the Nile Lounge and includes many restaurants and cafes such as:

  • cafe coffee day
  • carpaccio cafe
  • Burger king
  • cafè pro’s
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Zaman House


Le Mix Cafe

LE MIX provides special offers for parties and there are special places for birthdays and engagement. The offer includes a cake of your choice, a drink for everyone, a sound system, and decorations in place for a period of three hours.

Carpaccio – Nile Lounge

From the distinctive cafes in Manial, enjoy the best menu featuring oriental food, steak, and an Italian kitchen with more than 13 pasta, as there are Syrian food and crepes.

It is located in Abdel Aziz Al Saud Street – Manial – Nile Corniche – Cairo

Halawa and Zaatar Cafe and Restaurant

The restaurant offers:
Al-Baladi breakfast (feteer, honey, and mush), sweet breakfast, and thyme (eggs, potatoes, fresh bread) and popular breakfast (falafel, beans, salad, and bread)
The Lebanese Corner, Tabbouleh and Manakeesh, and Grilled Kofta
There is also the Egyptian corner, Fattah with banana, stuffed and all kinds of tagines
The Italian corner is pizza, pasta, and chicken on the Italian way too

Cafe Pro

The nile view

The place provides a seating area in front of the Nile and the menu varies with different dishes, including pizza, pasta, sandwiches, grills, appetizers, sweets, chocolate cake or chocolate cake, and there is also a waffle

Beit Zaman Restaurant

With the character of Zaman houses with classic décor with the songs of Umm Kulthum, Fairouz, and the fresh air of the Nile, it will take you to the era of the beautiful times and come with eating a mixed grill on a plate of stuffed dishes.

Manial Café Complex

Nile Li Li The Nile boat includes four Galleria restaurants, which is a suitable place for parties and meetings and when taking children to the Nile Li Li boat, as well as the Andalusia restaurant because there is an area dedicated to children’s games inside it.

There is also a Sky Lounge restaurant with an outdoor terrace that is the closest to the Nile.

Tent House Branch Nile Corniche

A Bedouin tent on the Nile, Bedouin tents and barbecues, housed in a large tent for people in general, and in small tents on the Nile. There are tents in the garden and Bedouin beds on the lakes.

Address: The end of the Nile Corniche _ Warraq Giza, the village of Montazah in front of Vodafone and next to the Royal Palace after the Ministry of Irrigation building _ Warraq Giza.

Manial cafes and their prices

Cafe view

Learn about Al Manhal cafes and their prices

Journalists Club

On the Nile, however, it has enough and a restaurant that you can order from them all you love, at reasonable prices, and there are display screens, projectors, and sports, without any fees.

There is also a place designated for your birthdays and the restaurant serves dishes, forks, and knives for cake service for 15 g per person to be paid in the cafeteria.

Address: In front of Al-Tawhid, Al-Nour, and Al-Ahli Bank, 5 minutes from El-Mounib metro station

R&J villa

One of the Manial cafes on the Nile, which is a 3-story villa, and also has Italian food with an oriental taste

  • The first: comfortable sofas and armchairs on the Nile
  • As for the second: sofa beds with cheerful colors and separate seating with pleasant colors
  • The next: comfortable bamboo chairs directly on the Nile and the green

They also have Wi-Fi and it has a garage and there is no minim charge. It is located in Maadi Nile Corniche next to the Orman Association

Blue Blue Manial

This place is one of the most famous squares in Cairo, and it also includes many of the most famous cafes overlooking the Nile.

Blue Blue Manial Cafe

The cafes in the Coffeeshop company, the Sun Shadow, Sibal, as well as Nevada, Volo’s

123 st: Abdulaziz Al Saud. Nile Corniche – El Manial – the largest café complex on the Nile

Also, there are many parks near it that I know about.