Nuweiba Camps

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Saturday, 13 February, 2021 12:44 am

Serienty at it’s peak

Nuweiba Camps

Looking for a place to relax? tired of all the city noise? We got your back to discover Nuweiba Camps to the ultimate relaxation trip.
Recently, Sinai has become the best destination for many people to spend the best time, during a set of tents on the Red Sea with a simple Bedouin-style, a hut on a booth on the sea.

Antika Beach Camp Nuweiba

The camp is known for its Delicious food and Great service, In addition to the beach view. And a good diving spot. so, It is Recommended for families among all Nuweiba Camps.

Nweiba Camps

Gamal Camp Nuweiba

Above all, all Facilities and all services and the rooms with all equipment as for the. Huts they are overlooking the sea

Ananda Camp Nuweiba

A pet-friendly camp in Nuweiba Camps suitable for you and your family


you can relax or do snorkeling, diving, fishing, and enjoy eating after a barbecue.
You will enjoy the wonderful atmosphere with a beach breeze mix.

Rock sea Camp Nuweiba

An environment-friendly camp running on solar energy and with amazing hut views on rocky cliffs and coral beach.

Sondos Camp Nuweiba

This camp got all from restaurants to full equipped rooms and even a friendly host this place is highly recommended by its visitors.

Baraka Camp Nuweiba

An incredible place in front of the see that allows pets and have an amazing restaurant with it.

Nweiba Camps

Sababa Camp Nuweiba

One of the cheapest camps you will find with 40 L.e per night and beautiful huts to stay in.

Crazy Horse Camp Nuweiba

The camp has a restaurant in addition to a swimming pool and is equipped with air conditioning

Room types

– 2 bedroom villa +bathroom
– 1 bedroom (double)+ bathroom
– 1 bedroom (single) +bathroom
– Camping (bring your own tent) and have ultimate sea view

Habiba Camp Nuweiba

The perfect combination between luxury and low prices with an outstanding view

Magana Camp Nuweiba

Perfect for families with all-inclusive meals it is priced at 500.

Moonlight Camp Nuweiba

Located in Nuweiba, on the beachfront, its decoration is of traditional heritage, and it has places to receive guests and sit directly at sea.}
Guests can enjoy a range of activities such as diving, walking, and fishing. A shuttle service is available on request.

Ayash Camp Nuweiba

The campsites are characterized by vaults, which have some small windows overlooking rocks and colorful mountains.
It also has some high sleeping space.

Ras Shitan

Ras Shitan area is one of the most magnificent places of huts, surrounded by a number of scenic mountains submerged in water, valleys, caves, and plains overlooking the scenic landscape, as well as symbolic prices, enjoy your time with this wonderous Nuweiba Camps.


Double, Huts and family

Yes, There is a restaurant in the camp

Arrival at 12 afternoon and departure at 3 afternoon.

yes, they are

Yes, There is a parking lot