Palm Beach Resort - Enjoy the best offers for a great summer

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Palm Beach Resort where relaxation and fun is all in one place, enjoy an indescribable vacation and the best offers

فندق هاواي بالم بيتش الغردقة – خيارات متنوعة من الغرف لخدمة النزلاء

Palm Beach Resort is one of the greatest options that should be on your list while settling on a hotel

The Palm Beach Hotel is located near the Tourist Walk, one of the four-star hotels that will cheer you up.

The Hotel provides services, and many activities to guests in addition to other services.

Palm Beach Resort Pool

Palm Beach Resort Rooms

The rooms at the Palm Beach Resort are with a great view, and some rooms have nicely colored wooden furniture. 
In addition to fresh, cool mattresses and comfortable beds, it also provides clean and simple rooms that help to relax and calm.

Palm Beach Hurghada rooms

The Palm Beach Resort provides room equipment at the highest level, with enough modern electronic equipment of all kinds.

Available rooms at the Hawaiian Palm Beach Hotel

Many family and marital choices are available only at the hotel, and it must be noted that the hotel does not allow only couples with conditions.

The Hawaiian Palm Beach Hotel offers more than 10 room choices, which have a capacity for the 10 most people in the same room, all of which we will mention.

The Hotel is also close to Hurghada Grand Aquarium.

Types of room at Palm Hotel

Palm Beach Resort Pool

All rooms are available only for couples or families.

Triple standard room - pool view

Adults at maximum: 3. Children up to 1.
3 individual families.

A Family Standard Room Overlooking the Sea

Adults at maximum: 3. Children up to 2.
2 individual beds, 1 couch bed, 1 large double bed.

Standard rooms overlooking the pool

Adults at maximum: 2. Children up to 2.
1 large double bed.

A standard room overlooking the garden

Adults at maximum: 2. Children up to 2.
2 Individual Beds.

Family room with pool view

Adults at maximum: 3. Children up to 2.
2 individual beds and 1 double bed.

3-bedroom villa

Adults at maximum: 6. Children up to 2.
2 individual beds, 1 double bed, 1 couch bed.

Double Economy Room

Adults at maximum: 2. Children up to 1.
2 Individual Beds.

Standard Sea Room

Adults at maximum: 2. Children up to 2.
1 large double bed.

Triple standard room with a view of the sea

Adults at maximum: 3. Children up to 1.
3 individual families.

Villa Beach 

Adults at maximum: 5. Children up to 2.

Bedroom 1: 2 Individual Beds
Bedroom 2: 1 double bed
Bedroom 3: 1 couch bed

Facilities and services of the Hotel

Palm Beach Resort Pool View

  • Swimming pool at the hotel.
  • Aqua Park Hotel.
  • Hotel Beach.

Services of the Hotel

You will find many services at Palm hotel at your service.

Cleaning services

The Palm Beach Hotel provides daily room cleaning services free of charge and at your request.
In addition to other cleaning services, such as clothing cleaning services, including pants compressors, dry cleaning services, and full cleaning.

Palm Beach Activities

  • A large tennis court.
  • A pool.
  • Gym.
  • Hot tub or a Jacuzzi surcharge.
  • Massage. 
  • Wellness Center and Spa.
  • Fitness Centre.

Different activities in Hurghada

Palm Beach Resort Hurghada Booking

Get to know the latest price of the Hawaii Palm Beach Hotel, Contact Visit Guide Support Team to get the Hawaiian Palm Beach Hotel offers: 01122800877

Location of Hawaii Palm Beach Hotel

The Hawaii Palm Beach Hotel has located 10 km from Hurghada International Airport.

Palm Beach Resort Hurghada Reviews

Palm Hotel


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