Regina Beach Resort El Sokhna - A 4 star stay with classy services

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Tuesday, 6 October, 2020 12:52 am

Get the best out of Regina Beach Resort El Sokhna and enjoy your time with the sea view

قرية ريجينا العين السخنة – إقامة 4 نجوم بخدمات راقية ومميزة

Are you looking for comfort to get rid of the loud atmosphere? If your answer is yes, Regina Beach Resort El Sokhna is a 4-star hotel to relax amid the vast areas that give you a sense of relaxation. You can sit on the beach and watch the water hit the beach rocks and do some sporting activities and playing volleyball at the beach.

Regina Beach Resort El Sokhna sea

Regina El Sokhna Beach Resort

  • The village features a large swimming pool and a private beach. And a reception service all day.
  • It is located 8 kilos before the saffron road. 

Regina Resort El Sokhna Details

The village offers hotel rooms and the average price of a night per room for two adults is 900 LE, including breakfast. It is only possible to enjoy the place without having breakfast and the price of a room is 700 LE.

You can enjoy services such as free room and breakfast service. And that's in the village hotel, and there's also a chalet.

Regina El Sokhna rooms 

All rooms are facilized with distinctive views on the park or beach of Ain Sokhna. Each room contains a large bed according to your type of reservation, as well as a small bar, refrigerator, water kettle, TV, wardrobe, and bathroom.

Village services and facilities

Regina Beach Resort El Sokhna hotel

The village provides some facilities and services:

  • Big Pool
  • Daily room service
  • Bar
  • Private beach
  • Private parking and free village parking
  • 24-hour reception service
  • Wi-Fi Free Service
  • Free breakfast.

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You can check out some of our activities at Ain Sokhna such as:

Regina Resort Hotel Services

Regina Resort Hotel offers many services to guests as family services, children's services, and entertainment.

Services inside the Regina Hotel

Regina provides childcare throughout the stay.

In addition to full care services, including physical care, such as massages, sauna and spa, most of which are paid for. The hotel also provides salons with feet, hands, and beauty, also by specialists, but in exchange.
In addition to a private beach to swimming pools and restaurants, as well as water facilities such as sports facilities In addition that the hotel is near Zafraana.

Hotel policies

  • Check - In time: 12:00 p.m.
  • Check-out time: 10:00 a.m.
  • There is no specific age to check-in.
  • Pets aren’t allowed.
  • Bringing in an ID card to confirm the registration, the birth certificates for the children, and the marriage document.

Hotel best Features

  • Big Pool.
  • Very calm and charming nature.
  • Friendly crew.
  • Private parking lot.

Hotel disadvantage 

  • The beach is far from the residence.
  • A rocky beach. Many visitors complained about the rock..
  • Not taking pets
  • Lack of swimming pool heating in winter
  • Food quality is average.

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Safety procedures

Regina Beach Resort El Sokhna

•    The hotel follows all the safety procedures against Covid 19 with and extra Enhanced cleanliness measures.
•    Social distancing measures in place.
•    Sterilize all food supplies before and after the guest.
•    All foods are covered.
•    All towels are Cleaned regularly.



نعم يوجد حمام سباحة كبير بالقرية

لا يتوفر امكانية تسخين حمام السباحة فى فصل الشتاء

نعم يتوفر موقف سيارات خاص بالقرية

وقت الوصول: 12:00مساءموقت المغادرة: 10:00صباحا

لاىيوجد مركز للياقة البدنية بقرية ريجينا العين السخنة

لا يسمح باصطحاب الحيونات الاليفة

نعم يسمح بالمايوة الشرعى في حمام السباحه

لا يوجد معالم سياحية قريبة من فندق ريجينا العين السخنة

نعم يوجد مطعم واحد بالقرية