Regina Resort Hurghada - Best offers for 2021 Summer

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Saturday, 2 January, 2021 6:50 am

Enjoy the best offers for this luxurious hotel and all the entertainment you can find and the activities

فندق ريجينا الغردقة – الرفاهية التي يبحث عنها الزائر دائما

Hurghada is one of the best tourist cities in Egypt for 2021, located on the Red Sea, Regina Resort & Aqua Park occupies one the best facilities in the area, get to know more about it.

Regina Resort & Aqua Park

Regina Resort & Aqua Park is located near Hurghada International Airport and offers much welfare to guests.
The hotel also received the best evaluations from all its visitors at the time of its visit. More than 10000 + visitors said they were happy with their stay, during their 3-4 days of stay.
The Regina Resort Hurghada is ranked as one of the best 4-star hotels, and its services include Aqua Park, a diving center, three swimming pools, a Spa lounge, and a bus service to and from the airport.

Regina Resort

Regina Resort Hotel Services

  • Regina Resort Hurghada Hotel offers many services to guests as family services, children's services, and entertainment.
  • Reception services
  • Rogina provides a 24-hour reception service throughout the week.
  • This service is not only for residents in the hotel but also for tourist tours.
  • Family services inside the Regina Hotel
  • Rogina provides childcare throughout the stay.
  • It also provides television networks for children, care spaces with protection gates, and a private guard.

Entertainment Services Regina Suisse Inn Hotel

The provides various recreational services to guests, free and paid.
Staying in Rogena resort and Aqua Park, you're allowed to attend in - hotel parties where a nightclub has live parties every day and it's free.
Plus, it offers its own romantic packages for couples and grooms, as the hotel offers dinner.
You can enjoy many activities in Hurghada such as Safari, parachute, and diving as well.

Regina Resort Aqua park

Sports in Regina Resort Hurghada

Regina Resort Hurghada provides great tourist services, including swimming and diving services with the necessary equipment, and the hotel also provides various sports services, such as tennis courts, with the availability of golf courses, squash courts, and table hockey.

Care services

Regina Resort Hurghada provides full care services, including physical care, such as massages, sauna and spa, most of which are paid for. The hotel also provides salons with feet, hands, and beauty, also by specialists, but in exchange.

Regina Resort Hurghada welfare facilities

These facilities vary from the private beach to swimming pools and restaurants, as well as water facilities such as aquapark and sports facilities.

Regina Suisse Hotel Rooms

Regina Resort Hurghada offers many rooms available throughout the year and the types of rooms vary depending on the number of visitors.
The rooms vary from rooms for two people to single rooms and rooms for a family of 4.
Price of Regina Resort Hurghada
The average price for this hotel is 1,000 Egyptian pounds and the price of a room for two adults with breakfast and a free dinner per night.
All rooms have views of the sea or the pool or the park.

Regina Hurghada Reservation 

Check out the latest offers and the best hotels in the area, prices, and reservations with Visit guide for inquiries and booking:  01122800877.

Regina Hurghada attractions 

Hurghada is a natural resort to many tourists such as 
Gifton Island 
Hurghada Muesuem 




يقع على شاطئ البحر الاحمر، وبالتحديد العنوان يقع في شارع الشيراتون منطقه سقاله.

نعم، يوفر روجينا بيتش حمامات سباحة للبالغين والأطفال مزوده بسخانات مياه لفصل الشتاء

للأسف، لا يسمح باستقبال الحيوانات الاليفه سواء مدربه او غير مدربه

نعم، يوفر الفندق مطعم رائع بتصميم عصري، يقدم اشهي الوجبات العالميه من مختلف انحاء العالم

نعم، يمكن ممارسة الرياضة داخل مركز اللياقة البدنية في فندق روجينا سويس ان الغردقه او علي الشاطئ

نعم، يوفر فندق ريجينا الغردقة موقف مجاني للسيارات، وموقف مجاني خاص بذوي الاحتياجات الخاصه

نعم، يتضمن الفندق غرف عائليه بمساحات واسعه تتسع لـ 4 افراد بالغين وطفلين ولكنها الاغلى سعرا

نعم، يتوافر العديد من الباقات لقضاء شهر العسل ولكن يجب التواصل أولا لمعرفتها

نعم، يتوافر كافه انواع الغسيل للملابس ولكن جميعها لها رسوم اضافية

يسمح بالتدخين في الاماكن المفتوحه او المخصصه للمدخنين ولكن ليس داخل الغرف

نعم، يت توفير خدمات تنظيف يومية للغرف، وتقدم مجانا طوال فتره الاقامه

سياسه الوصول والمغادرة تبدا من الساعة 11:00 ظهر للوصول و يتم تسجيل المغادرة 12 ظهرا.