Where To Go In Sharm El Sheikh - Best 8 activities to Do

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Friday, 12 February, 2021 1:52 pm

Looking for a new adventure? Want to explore Sharm out of its ground? Say no more Check out the best activities and Where To Go In Sharm El Sheikh.

Where To Go In Sharm El Sheikh

Looking for a new adventure? Want to explore Sharm out of its ground? Say no more Check out the best activities and Where To Go In Sharm El Sheikh.

Day Trip To Mt. Sinai

A trip a day will give you the adventure you need. Enjoy hiking in this amazing mountain and get the full experience of an adventure.
 The summit of the mountain is the main destination for those who crave adrenaline and truly spiritual experience.
limb your way to the best scenery you can witness among the mountains and the sun rising.

Indulge yourself in the best Activities In Sharm.

Diving with coral reefs, holding your breath with the scenery of the sea wonders, and play with the fish is a whole new experience you will get while diving in Sharm. Get to know the best spots there.

Dive your way to Shark’s Bay

the place is perfect if you are a beginner, you will enjoy the sea and nice water with the best experts in diving.

Jackson Reef Dive Site

Right In the Straits of Tiran in the Sinai Peninsula you will find large pelagic fish.
But be aware of the sharks as it’s one of the Red Sea’s top spots for shark sightings. Don’t worry they are harmless and surely you will get the adrenaline rush while seeing them.

Gardens Dive Site

Enjoy seeing amazing species of fish and coral pinnacles with plenty of flitting clownfish and butterflyfish in residence in this unique site.

Dunraven Dive Site

Going back to 1876 where a ship met Its unfortunate fate in Sharm coming straight from Mumbai to be famous sightseeing in Egypt with the seeing of cardinalfish and goatfish, as well as moray eels and scorpionfish

Thistlegorm Dive Site

If you are going Pro in diving this is an excellent place to endeavor where British troops were sunk during World War II by German bombers and you will find all their supplies laying there in the middle of the sea waiting to be discovered.

Ras Um Sid Beach and Reef

located in el Fanar street this place is ideal for first-time divers.

Naama Bay

Things To Do In Sharm El Sheikh can be a lot and exhausting, Enjoy your day on the beach while swimming with all the sea activities and all the cafe’s near it and a magic show at night. Also, you can rent a hoverboard and go through the city with it.

Day Trip To The Blue Hole

One of the Top Attractions In Sharm El Sheikh, An amazing sight to indulge yourself with whether, with photography, snorkeling or just diving this site is a must to go to. Despite it has claimed the life of few divers but if you stick to the sensible limits you will be perfectly safe here.

Day Trip To Dahab

Hit the road and enjoy the day in day Dahab with their famous café’s performance and markets it’s an amazing ride among the mountains.

Sharm Old Market

You can’t miss getting your friends some gifts to remember you, have all the souvenirs you need in this place with the best prices you can get.

Nabq Protectorate

Located just 25 km north of Sharm el-Sheikh’s main areas, the 600 square kilometers marine reserve offers a unique opportunity to experience nature at its best.

Ras Mohammed National Park

The Ras Muhammad Reserve in South Sinai is the second most important nature reserve in the world over the past 30 years. It is an integrated embodiment of an ecosystem that includes the sea with its blue-colored waters, mountains, and plants such as mangroves and shura.


At the Fanar St.

You can take a microbus that costs 2 to 7 L.E

Shops open at 10 o'clock.

Diving costs at 150 L.e