Things To Do In Alexandria - best 8 activities to do

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Saturday, 24 April, 2021 4:15 pm

Alexandria is an ideal destination where you have a lot to do, find out things to do in Alexandria

Alexandria Castle

Enjoy a day full of activities and sightseeing in this mesmerizing city and know all the Things To Do In Alexandria.

Best Things To Do In Alexandria

Check out what to do in Alexandria and different activities you can do.

The Roman Theatre is a relic of the Roman Testament, constructed in the early 4th century in the area of Kom al-Dakkah.

The theatre was discovered coincidentally in 1960 during the removal of dirt from the area to search for Alexander the Great's cemetery by the Polish expedition and took thirty years to excavate.

Alexandria International Park

The park contains vast green areas, trees and. If you're in love with sports, there's no place better than this place to run and do your favorite sport or even ride a bicycle.

If you're into reading, there's a lot of places to sit in the gardens, and there's a lot of entertainment programs in the park that you can enjoy.

There are also numerous cultural activities, exhibitions.

The park is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Fun Things To Do In Alexandria

Have fun at el Mamoora where you can rent a bicycle to enjoy walking around all the areas, and you can walk down the sea, inhale beautiful air, enjoy the view of the sea and have a nice meal as well.

You can also visit Katibai Castle, where you can take great pictures by the sea.

Next to the castle is the Aquarium Museum, where there are all kinds of fish and interesting information about them.

And if you are more into history you can check the Swari column which dates back to the Roman era in honor of Emperor Daguldianus, who rid the Alexandrians of the revolt created by Commander Pachel.

The ticket price is 10 L.e for Egyptians

Things To Do In Alexandria Egypt

Shopping is one of the best activities in Alexandria with more than 15 malls to visit check out the best of them.

Green Plaza

 The mall has over 400 global brands, as well as various Egyptian and international restaurants and cafes.

It has many entertainment facilities, such as cinemas, circus shows, and amusements.

Cinemas are equipped with more than 10. The mall has a horse practice area, basketball and volleyball practice rooms.

Green Plaza is designed according to the latest global architecture and working hours of the mall from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The mall is located in Samoha, Alexandria.

Things To Do In Alexandria At Night

Nothing is better than enjoying Alexandria beach and walking down the corniche, check out the best places to sit at the corniche

Enjoy the outdoors and a delicious meal on the beaches of Alexandria

Cafe Oppa

the very distinctive cafe’s decoration offers dishes of Greek cuisine in particular and drinks from different kitchens.

Address: Mirage Mini Mall - downtown - in front of Carrefour - Alexandria

Ocean Café

A comfortable place with simple decorations, very affordable prices, serving all kinds of drinks and food.

Address: Army Street - The Rare - Marine Street near enough Santos on the Sea - Alexandria.


A very excellent place with a special service, offering all kinds of drinks and food of all kinds.




The park is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Yes, its allowed in the places specified for smokers.

Ticket prices is 10 L.e for Egyptians.

When does green plaza mall open?