Things To Do In Dahab - Top Activities

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Saturday, 13 February, 2021 2:16 am

Get to know all the Things To Do In Dahab


Get to know all the Things To Do In Dahab, It is located on the Gulf of Aqaba, 100 kilometres from the magnificent city of Sharm el-Sheikh and 87 kilometres from Nuiba. It is primarily a tourist town, divided into two villages in the north of the city, which is the spirit and pulse of the city. It includes commercial markets, bazaars, shopping places and the south of the city, which are called Al-Salah and are characterized by nomadic life.

Diving Dahab Activities

The Blue Hole is one of the best places you visit to do Snorkeling and diving as well as Abu Jalom Blue Lagoon you will feel the relaxed vibes and enjoy your time in this peaceful and majestic place.

Dahab Beach

 Beach Activities In Dahab Egypt

The Beach Buggy Safari is the best adventure can do and enjoying the Bedouin tea.
Caves area you can do there snorkeling and dive in the cave. You will witness a large number of diverse fish and coral reefs and enjoy the serenity of this place.

Light House is a beach in the heart of the country and full of café’s. You can enjoy the beauty and charm of the country and the mountains of Saudi Arabia right infront of your eye’s.

The tourist walkway in Dahab will have best caverns on the sea. It has the best restaurants, and the best pictures you can ever imagine and also shop as much as you want.

Activities To Do In Dahab

3 Pools are natural swimming pools from the water of the sea made out of the coral reefs, forget all your problems in the city life and enjoy diving and snorkeling in this beautiful area.

Rock Climbing there's this sport in Dahab, too, where you can go to a Ganay mountain and enjoy a fun rock climbing sport.

Best Things To Do In Dahab

Dahab Sea

Get a grip of Dahab best activities


Dahab has a refreshing atmosphere, and its yellow sand are an ideal place to play yoga and meditation.

Parachute jumping

a great sport and there are centres for teaching parachute jumping of all kinds.

Things To Do In Dahab At Night


Towailat mountain beautiful places to stay in Dahab can have a Bedouin night and dine there, and D.J. in addition to the Fire Show.

laguna Beach: you can do barbecue on the Sea, and stay in till Sunrise.

Also, you can stay in Dahab 3 stars hotel and enjoy your time even more.


The diving starts from 10 in the morning.

Diving costs starts from 150 L.E

Most of the hotels allows pets.

It is located near Dahab

The allowed depth for beginner in diving is 10 - 15 meters