6th of october malls – Best Places for shopping

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Saturday, 13 February, 2021 3:08 am

Discover all 6th of october malls that can help you in shopping and find the perfect match for you.

6 october malls

Discover all 6th of october malls that can help you in shopping and find the perfect match for you.

outlet mall October

The idea has been found to solve the problem of high prices and make it easier for all categories to wear a brand that is cheap and convenient for everyone.

Shops to find::

  • Adidas
  • Daily Dries.
  • Carina Outlet
  • Dice Outlet.
  • Puma: one of the most popular sports stores after Adidas and Active. It's probably Aktiv's main rival, so you'll find them in full competition.

October mall

silver mall 6 october

Find all the local brands you need in this mall that sells many accessories, watches and jewelry stores, and a range of fashion stores, clothing and other restaurants, cafes and entertainment spaces.

the outlet mall 6th of October

The Outlet Mall is the largest and first mall to serve all people on 6 October, containing approximately 50 global and Egyptian brands, with different outlets from official brands such as Adidas Outlet and with thousands of customers per month as it is the best Outlet mall in Giza province.

Available Shops

There's everything that suits the family in its different practical categories. And you can buy clothes, shoes, accessories and world-class brands.

galleria mall 6 october

A combination of luxury shops, excellent location and entertainment. With a great variety of high - end specialty stores and restaurants.
Existing stores: Azza fahmy silver silver, Polo, Calvins, Tommy, Kazuza, Armani,  Armani and many famous brands and the famous ice-cream Dara.

Dara's Ice cream


arkan mall October

Enjoy a fun shopping experience as the mall has many local and global luxury stores.
And enjoy having a refreshing drink or a cup of delicious coffee at LaPur Cafe inside the mall.
Also,  you can eat a delicious meal from the world - class and local restaurants or the famous cafeteria inside.

family mall 6 october

Contain many local stores including women's clothing, men's clothing, gold and silver stores, as well as various restaurants offering local dishes, others offering multiple types of world dishes, and many others.

morshedy mall 6 october

Get all your household applicance in one place with less prices and best qualities from clothes to kitchen needs this mall got it all.

cityscape mall 6 october cinema

The mall has a number of shops, restaurants and famous cafes along with various gaming and entertainment areas.


The mall has a range of world - famous shops with the finest clothes, electronics, accessories, cosmetics, etc.
Enjoy delicious food and delicious drinks with your friends at restaurants and global cafes that you can sit down.
There is a play area with a number of toys for children.

dolphin land mall 6 october

The mall has a lot global brands, as well as various Egyptian and international restaurants and cafes.
It has many entertainment facilities, such as shows and amusements.

sports mall 6 october

You can also find many sports wardrobe at this mall

Sport mall

Location of sports mall

located at 80 Shehab, Gazirat Mit Oqbah, Agouza, Giza Governorate.

You can also find many malls at shikh zayed malls.


It is located at the 5th district.

Adidas and Puma are the most known shops.

The malls open from 10 in the morning

El Morshedy is at El Mehwar

Sports mall is located at the 5th district