La Femme beach - Perfect destination for ladies only

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Tuesday, 6 April, 2021 4:52 pm

Privacy and parties all day long at la femme beach a she beach that will fulfill your dreams

شاطئ لافام

A beach made just for ladies away from anyone and with complete freedom for you to enjoy your time, isn’t too perfect to be true? Le Femme north coast is a private beach for ladies made specifically for you, get to know all about this amazing place and the available activities.

La Femme Beach Marina

It’s considered one of the best beaches in Egypt as It helps women enjoy the sea in freedom and have fun as much as possible.

The beach is totally safe for all ladies to enjoy their time with the freedom you always wished for.

Beach activities

  • Volleyball.
  • Jet Ski.
  • Variety parties.
  • Water skiing.

La Femme Beach North Coast Location

The beach is located at Al-Alamin near the 98 kilos and is more than a beach, you can attend parties like belly dancing and a lot of artists and singers come all the time which makes it more fun to enjoy in complete privacy.

La Femme Beach Marina 5 attractions near it

Golden Ocean Blue Hotel: This is a five-star hotel and overlooks the sea directly and a lake-themed just like the Maldives, get to know more about the golden ocean blue hotel.

Costa Cafe: It's 15 minutes away from the beach and you can enjoy the best fresh drinks in Costa.

Grand Cafe: It offers a variety of international food and many drinks as well.

Lake Marina.

Diamond Hotel: The hotel includes new renovations and provides various services.

La Femme Ladies Beach North Coast

La Femme North Coast Beach provides a great deal of safety to provide comfort and reassurance for the ladies to enjoy their time without any restrictions and applies all precautionary safety guidance against Covid- 19.

Le femme Beach is 50 meters out of the sight of others and palm trees on the wall outside are put to stop anyone from looking at the beach.

All security is ladies.

La Femme Beach Booking

Ticket prices vary on regular days and public holidays.

  • The price per person on normal days is 90 LE.
  • The price per person for public holidays is 120 LE.
  • A boy under the age of eight has a free ticket to enter.
  • The 8-year-old is considered an adult individual.
  • All ages of ladies are welcome.


La femme opening hours.

La Femme Beach North Coast is available for the ladies to come any time they want to enjoy their time.

The Beach is available every weekday for ladies and opens from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm.


La Femme Beach North Coast Policies

Policies of the Beach and must be adhered to:

  • No pictures.
  • Bags are searched at the gate to make sure there is nothing.
  • Male children with a maximum of 8 years over 8 years are not allowed to maintain privacy.


No, they aren't

Children up to 8 are allowed.

The beach open from 8 till 8 P.m