Cairo day tours

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Friday, 12 February, 2021 2:04 pm

A day full of activities

Cairo day tours

Over the ages, Egypt has experienced many civilizations and cultures from all over the world. Egypt has become an antiquarian and a museum buried in the ancient world, so why not have a Cairo day tours.

Cairo day tours from the airport

Entertain your child to a whole new experience, The Children’s Museum is one of the finest places in Cairo and has a planetarium and pharaonic monuments.
There is also a miniature zoo and a real zoo and there is an explanation of all the animals and their skills.
There is also a butterfly house and a game venue. The place also offers many children’s courses, the ticket price starts at £30 and includes around and the planetarium at a separate price of £15.

Enjoy day tours in Cairo Egypt

The zoo and tower are the most fun places to go out with the family.
The park is open to the public from 9 am to 5 pm every day except Tuesday every week.
You can also go to the tower where the rotating restaurant is, and you can see the whole of Cairo from it.
The ticket is 50 pounds for Egyptians.

4 day Cairo tour the best of West el Balad

Caffe Riche is one of the most famous downtown cafes where he has been on the scene for more than a century, he was built by a German and named it was bought by a Greek trader and now owned by Mejdi Mikhail, his first Egyptian owner, located in U Talat Al-Hara, Central.

Cairo day tours pyramids

Enjoy your breakfast in Pyramids Nine and buckle up for a journey In the old times, In this place you can have a delicious breakfast right in front of the pyramids.
One of the most important places to go out in the pyramid is that there are different kinds in this place, and there are Eastern and Western breakfasts and different kinds of drinks, as well as world desserts, all at a price not exceeding 175 pounds.
And as you can while waiting for food, I take a quick tour of the horse or camel around the pyramids at a cost not exceeding 100 pounds.

The Museum of Solar Boats

There is also the Museum of Solar Boats, where the pharaohs were transporting the stones of the pyramids, and don’t forget to enter the pyramids and see the greatness of pharaonic architect.

day tours from Cairo in Zamalek

Aisha Fahmy Palace: First stop is It was opened for a visit after its renovation. It is a masterpiece from the era of kings. It is full of history, love, anger, and art.
Next to him, there’s a place to sit in front of the Nile and you can take pictures there.

The Al Jazeera Center for the Arts

where there are paintings of glamour and imagination and cultural events. It also provides many services to international and local exhibitions, festivals, and events, and is opened in February 1999. The first and second floors and the basement were distributed according to the functional purposes of the center’s components and the building’s interior architecture.

Get the best out of a 2-day Cairo tour

The Pharaonic Village, One of the places to go out in the Giza, on a journey back to the Pharaoh time.
An era that nobody ever experienced before, It was the age of civilization and great pyramids.
All this will be seen in the pharaoh village as soon as you set foot there.
you’ll find the workers there in old pharaoh costumes and learn about our generous civilization.

The pharaonic village

The place has many types of trees and plants that were grown in ancient Egypt, such as jemmies and willow.
It also contains a miniature of King Tut Ankh Amun’s cemetery as well as a temple.
You can also find resting places and meals or drinks.
It also has a lot of museums, a few workshops for children and sculpture,
P.S: don’t forget to take the finest pictures in the pharaoh’s costume.


In el Tahrir

The breakfast at 9 Pyramids start at 10.

9 Pyramids open at 10.

The ticket costs 10 L.e