Abu Nuhas

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Friday, 12 February, 2021 9:36 pm

The Egyptian version of Bermuda Triangle

Abu Nuhas

Bermuda Triangle area is not the only place in the world with strange incidents, Egypt it’s own Bermuda Triangle or a ship’s graveyard!

Shipwrecks in the Red Sea

One of the world’s best places to dive because of the boats that sank after being mired in the reefs.
At least seven of them could be dived in, and because of the beautiful reef sand marine life.
Abu Nuhas triangle is in the Red Sea. It is located just west of Shadowan Island 35 km from the island, and opposite the gorge, named “Copper’s Triangle.”
The first boat was for Marcus or Chrysoula Kor so-called Tile wreck from Italy and his grandfather.
The 98-meter-long boat was mired in the reef in August 1981 and sank. Until this day it remained a home to the living being of the sea.

Shaab Abu Nuhas

Abu Nuhas

The reefs are in a very lively seaplane and the reef is shaped like a triangle. It is said to have been marked by copper because a boat that sank in it was filled with copper!

Abu Nuhas Wracks

Each wicked ship has its own story and its own beauty.
You won’t only see a shipwrecked you will see a story told. A story that lived years and years in the bottom of the sea. A story that created a new life for the creatures in the sea.

Carnatic Boat

Every boat in them in Abu Nuhas has a very different atmosphere than the others.

Carnatic has sunk there for 100 years and the light enters through a very part of which is visible above the water surface.

Giannis D

The boat was about 100 meters long, and it was a cargo boat carrying timber from Yugoslavia and Saudi Arabia through Suez.
And after the freezing air jammed into the people it sank in no time.
It’s ranked 77 among the best place to dive in around the world.

The ship wreck

Sesetel gerum

 A British military ship sank in 1941 en route to North Africa during the Second World War, transporting weapons and war equipment. It was a giant 128m longship, and its cargo is still underwater in Abu Nuhas till this day, up to a dozen British military weapons and uniforms, pockets, tanks, matures, and others.

 Kimon M

 A German ship sank in 1978, two months after the Greek Krisolak sank in the same shape and in the same place.

Shresula K

A Greek cargo ship that sank in 1981, when it was heading to jeddah Saudi Arabia and loaded with ceramics, was sunk with all the cargo on it after the captain lost control of the ship.


A German ship sank in 1987 in the exact same way as Giannis D.

Ship cemetery

There are two reasons why it called that why:

  •           The first one said that it was called “Nuhas” because a ship that was loaded with copper was drowned in it.
  •         Others said it was named like that because it was a “jinxed” area and bad luck for the ships to pass by it.

And because the area in Abu Nuhas is so quiet with no waterwheel as opposed to the Bermuda Triangle, people started making stories about ghosts pulling ships under and sinking them, but in the end, the ships were drowned because of the presence of a coral reef in the area that can’t be seen.

Sha`b Abu Nuhas

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From 10 to 15 meter

The diving costs start from 200

The ships were drowned because of the presence of a coral reef in the area that can’t be seen.

Yesm there are.

Yes, In some areas